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You Can Now Enter The Pyr !

The Amulet of AmunRuuUUUN has a playable demo available now !

Check out the steam page.

This demo presents the first 3 enigmas of the game. It is meant to be played as a discovery introduction to the genre of enigma games. If you have never played such games before or are hesitant this one might be for you, then you are very welcome to try out, this demo was made for you. However, if you know you enjoy enigma solving games (if you enjoyed To Be Headed Or Not To Be or the We were here series) and adventures, I would advise you not to play the demo. I personally think that the game would be better done all at once in one standing to live the full adventure in a straight line. (you would probably not watch a movie by first watching the first 20 minutes of it, and then a few months later watching the full movie).

I will let you with a small teaser of what awaits you !

Have a nice day and take care !

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