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You can leave your hat on !

Hi everyone, I am back with some news !

This last week was particularly focused on some side related administrative applications but the game is moving forward nicely !

The neatly ordered stack of stones

The outside of the pyramid is slowly improving with the new models the game has. New statues have appeared (not all standing though) guarding the entrance of the pyramid. Some proofs that archaeologists are not just faking to work but doing actual science !

And as you can see, our first character is also making an appearance ! Our 3D artist did an amazing job at bringing him from 2 dimensional concept arts to a full 3 dimensional model. He is ready to explore the pyramid under his hat and is mentally prepared to have his boots filled with sand.

The next character is going to be the lady adventurer. She is in the concept art phase, below you can see a concept we have been working for her face:

They are going to be a nice pair of witty students ready to dive into the pyramid.

Little funny drawings

You might have noticed it on the previous images but we worked on a hieroglyph system. The difficulty was to have a flexible and generic system that would allow us to put hieroglyphs anywhere we wanted and without too much trouble.

In the end, we like the result quite much. They are reacting to light as if they were carved and that gives a really nice touch. They can also be fine tuned depending on the material they are carved on (e.g. marble or stone). So be prepared to see them everywhere because we like them.

And where would you see them ? Good question, especially as we finished the first room of the pyramid !

Where it all begins

The entrance room is now close to final, the first enigmas are concealed and ready to be discovered and solved. There is still some work to be done on the lighting and some polishing to be done based on early game testers feedback but we are quite happy with the result.

We are reaching the end of the modelling for the environment and are going to start focusing on visual effect graphics (e.g. dust, sand, fire, etc) to bring some life to this pretty dead building (it's a pyramid so it's not so unexpected).

We are also working on the title/logo of the game and it is getting finalized as I am writing this so we'll soon have something new and iconic to show !

I wish you all a nice week-end and take care !

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