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Sandy Hills & a Deep Pyramid

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The first blog post is to officially announce that Fruits of Yggdrasil is working on a new One-night stand game.

At the moment, we refer to it as Project A while searching for a better name. This time no Victorian mansion where strange fringe experiments are happening. This time, you will walk in the steps of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft ! I hope you do not mind having sand in your shoes or exploring tombs that have not been opened for millennials because in this new adventure, you will incarnate two archaeologists sent to their first field trip.

Welcome in Egypt and while the sun is shining hard, you will not see much of it. Get ready to dive deep into an ancient pyramid to recover valuable treasures. It will not be easy ! No one has stepped in the funeral chamber for a reason: traps and enigmas protect the last home of the Pharaoh. So take out your brushes and your boots and get ready to use your legs and your brain.

In Project A, I would like to replicate the feeling I had when watching adventure movies such as the mummy, Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. This epic feeling of adventure through ancient time where one has to both surpass itself and the obstacles to succeed. I love the satisfaction that comes from this oppressing and stressful feeling of the whole building or environment trying to prevent the heroes from advancing but them succeeding against all odds by combining their wits and strengths.

This time, I have someone to help make this world look nice. I am working with a 3D artist that is in charge of producing all the environment assets. You can have a peak at some of its previous creations:

I am quite positive that the game will be beautiful and I can't wait to share the steps that build into the game and show you what how it grows.

Please don't hesitate to follow us on Twitter, I will keep you updated regularly and concisely there and will come and write more consequent blog post in here when I need more place.

Have a nice day and take care !

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