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Of Deadly Traps & Lively Adventurers

Hello everyone !

The last update was roughly a month ago, I think it is time to make another one. This one will be pretty packed with new information.

Pyramid's Show-off

Let's start with showing off a bit !

To Be Headed Or Not To Be and The Amulet of AmunRuuUUUN are present at the Zürich Game Show, which happen this week-end (26th-27th of September) online, and to celebrate this, I am organizing a little giveaway during the week-end on twitter, don't miss it !

Also Fruits of Yggdrasil has been invited to present our games at the Bern HeroFest where I'll present The Amulet of AmunRuuUUUN for the first time. It's going to happen on wednesday 7th october so don't hesitate to tune in on the twitch live.

The end of the year seems packed with events to present the games, and I'm really glad we get the opportunity to participate despite the current situation. However, it does not prevent us (just a little bit) from working on the game !

Lively Adventurers

In case you missed it in the title, the pyramid is welcoming a new adventuress ! You might have seen some concept-arts of her in the previous posts, now she's ready in full 3D.

Now the two friends are nearly ready to start doing archaeology but only nearly. Now that the modelling and rigging (attaching the 3D model to a virtual skeleton) are done, we will start focusing on animating the character to bring them this last, but necessary, brick of life. So they can finally start digging some artefacts in all that sand.

And of course, deadly traps !

New characters are not the only things that happened in the last month. The pyramid has grown quite a bit as well and is shaping very nicely towards providing the player with an interesting and challenging adventure.

And of all the things I wanted to have in the game, the boulder run was one of the most desired one. I think it is iconic to many people who enjoy god ol' adventure movies and I really wanted to have one in The Pyramid of AmunRuuUUUN. So here it is:

You can see some of the future difficulties you'll meet on your way to the funeral chamber, from the deadly spring spikes to the hypnotising swinging swords (Khopesh to be accurate).

I am quite glad of the result, it is challenging but satisfying to finish. Now comes the balancing part where I must make it test to others to discover how to make it extra crispy.

But don't you start thinking that escaping the rolling death means that you're safe. Your legs might be tired after the race, but your brain will still have to work !

We are reaching the end for this post, I hope you enjoy the new information and are getting excited to enter the pyramid !

Next time, we'll talk about what's hidden behind this door !

I wish you all a nice day, take care !

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