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Building a Pyramid Stone after Stone

Hi everyone, we are back with a new blog post after a few weeks of work. And I have to say that the improvements are pleasant to work on and with.

First and foremost, the game is now officially named:

The Amulet of AmunRuuUUUN.

After a few weeks of thinkings and discussion, we finally converged to a name that we think represent well the character of the game. I will let you dissect it to your heart to guess what might happen to warrant so many capital letters.

Now on to the game in itself:

Building a Pyramid using a Brain

I will not talk about the enigmas specifically to avoid any spoilers but a good 85% of them are now completely designed (theoretically). Obviously, they will need to survive the test of implementation and play-testing, but I am quite satisfied with them. The last 15% is still on the drawing board and changing and refining with every iterations done.

Building a Pyramid using Arms

Now a big change that I can show, is how the 3D models have been produced and combined together to create a pyramid and its many rooms. Keep in mind that the pictures shown are "work in progress" and might change quite drastically in the final version of the game.

Here we go, first a picture of the pyramid from the exterior.

And most importantly, a sneak peak at the first room of the pyramid, where you will start the adventure. There is still quite some work to do: placing the enigmas and such, working with the lighting, etc. But I am very satisfied with the visual style.

There are many more elements not shown here that will come later on, I will let you with a small teaser of what is to come:

I am very satisfied with the quality of the models created and I think it will make a really nice environment and atmosphere for the game. I have to say that this is also quite an improvement from To Be Headed Or Not To Be and I am very glad we are going this way.

Exploring a Pyramid using Legs

The last big news is that we are now working with someone new !

A new 3D artist has joined the team and is in charge of designing and modelling the characters that will visit the pyramid.

So let me present to you ... Yourself ... in game ! The first character we are working on is the first of two adventurer. You can see the concept art of the cheeky explorer you will incarnate below.

He is now in the process of growing a dimension and coming to life in 3D, I will update on it soon.

As a few last words, the pieces of the puzzle are now laid down in front of us, and we started assembling them into a game that we hope you'll enjoy. I will be coming back with more information and updates soon.

Have a nice day and take care !

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