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Yggdrasil's Fruits

The Amulet of AmunRuuUUUN

You wanted to live a life full of adventures, so when you had to choose a university major archaeology seemed like the best choice. After all who doesn't want to follow the tracks of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Now, on your first field trip assignment in Egypt, you have to dive into a sandy pyramid to uncover ancient treasures with your best friend. Entering the pyramid was easy enough but now it gets more complicated and you will need to cooperate and communicate to pass the challenges and traps that pave the way to the Pharaoh's last room. Will you find the treasure ? Will you exit the pyramid with it ?


To Be Headed Or Not To Be


“To Be Headed Or Not to Be” is a cooperative only escape-room game. You incarnate a resurrected skeleton awakened by a failed experiment and you are not alone. Cooperate and use your head, figuratively and literally, to overcome obstacles and escape the mansion to gain your freedom for this second life, or be forever kept as an experimental guinea pig.

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