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Come for the pyramid,
Stay for the traps !

  • Gazouillement

Egyptians liked cats,
but birds are more reliable

for communication !

The pyramid doors open soon !

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Test your boots
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About the game

Welcome adventurers !

Fruits of Yggdrasil is working hard on its next creation !

This game page will be built along with the game to represent as closely as possible the adventure we are building for you.

This new adventure will bring you in a sandy and dark place.

Follow the steps from Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and dive deep down in the depths of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Get ready to solve enigmas and uncover well hidden secrets. The last home of the Pharaoh is filled with deadly traps. Thread carefully to not trigger them or be ready to run for your life otherwise.

Will you manage to navigate through the corridors ?

Will you find the treasure ?

but most importantly, will you succeed in escaping the pyramid with it and your life ?

Game News

Pyramid Quick Tour

Let us inform you of the game advances !

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